Jest to bardzo ciekawy gatunek drewna ze względu na kolor oraz wrażenie elegancji, które wywołuje

Dostępne produkty: 

Parkiet 1-lamelowy

- 10 mm seria Prestige

- 11,5 mm seria Traffic

- 10 mm seria Maxi

Podłoga 3-lamelowa:

-14 mm Clic BOEN X-press

Podłoga 1-lamelowa 

-14 mm Clic BOEN X-press


Merbau is due to its hardness and stability perfectly useable for wooden floors. It has to be processed with special metaltipped tools. Initially the species has got a lighter colour but within time darkens to a warm copper-brown tone. The drying needs to be done very slowly in order to avoid deforming and cracks. As merbau has water-soluble extractives, which are bleeding out, this has to be noticed, if using waterbased lacqueurs. No problems are known concerning glueing.
Natural light, yellowish and dark (red-blackbrown) substances in the pores are typical for the wood.

During the last decades merbau has been overused especially for construction of bridges as well as for wooden floors.
Today there are efforts to include merbau into the list of CITES.
Another trading name is „Kwila“.


Botanical Name: Intsia bijuga, Intsia spp.

Code according to DIN EN 13556: INXX

: Southeast Asia

Colour: brownred

Technical Data

Density: 0,80g/cm3

Differential shrinkage %/%
- radial  0,13 ... 0,23
- tangential  0,26 ... 0,34

Moistrure uptake: very slow

Brinell: 43 N/mm²
- Compared with oak (100%): 126%

Dimensional Stability: very good


All the information related to the different wood species are taken from:

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